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 I remember my wife and I coming out of the rehabilitation center. Looking at each other with sorrow, knowing that the insurance would no longer pay for my rehabilitation visits. We did not know were to turn for help. We were financially strapped with me unable to even stand up by myself, no less work.


Knowing if I did not do SOMETHING I would never get better. I remember my wife saying “It will be okay, I will do your physical therapy with you.” yes" But now with two jobs, her time would be limited, so I needed to find something that would work my entire body, and not take a lot of time. Knowing what I had done for the last three months had done nothing for me, I wondered if exercising was even worth the effort. I thought to myself, I should just sit here and stop bothering everyone.


A friend of ours gave us a flyer had information on it about a stroke group that was meeting at the YMCA in our small town. My wife and I were hesitant about going to another stroke meeting. Everyone at the meetings seemed to have lost hope, not what I wanted to hear. I did not want to learn to live with my stroke, I wanted to recover from it. They just kept telling us that we would learn to live with it and adjust to the difficulties. So when we received the flyer we were hesitant about attending another meeting.