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Ted C. Ted C. suffered a stroke on April 22,1996 he was fifty nine at that time. He spent 6 months in the hospital with 3 months of intense therapy in Whitker care. He received speech, occupational and physical therapy Ted progressed, but was never able to fully walk or use his right side. He received Botox shot for pain, but it had a reverse reaction and made his pain worse in his right arm and leg. The right arm will not flex or bend at the elbow, his hand is drawn together and contracted .Over a four year period ted has been to walk with a four prog cane and only 10 feet distance for 15 minutes at a time. ROM ( Range Of Motion ) was did on him eveready, but some those days ted's pain was so intense that he refused. Medication, pain pills would be a bit bearable, but even with the slight touch would shot pain in his had and arm. Ted's speech has improved over the years, but he still form his words correctly from the loss of feeling in his right side. In September 2000 Ted started with the help of millennium team at the YMCA with Dan Nowak as the instructor Ted has improved a great deal even through he only goes two days a week for therapy. His strength, muscles all have shown improvement in just 4 months. Ted goals are to lead a normal productive life with the help of the millennium team.