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I remember seeing you about four weeks after your stroke...You were trying so hard for dexterity and mobility with your right hand. It was indeed most difficult to grip or hold anything with that afflicted hand. Your therapy required squeezing a small ball that fit in the palm of your hand. You were disgusted with the slowed type of progress or the lack of it. Now about trying to use your hand for normal functions as in the bathroom and eating. Holding a spoon, fork, or knife initially divested you. Dressing yourself was a chore you had never formerly experienced...but you never gave up! You were determined! You did not ever give in to a part of your body that wasn't really functioning like before the stroke. Now let's talk about walking and balance. Your right leg/foot did not move properly, even though your brain was sending a message to your lower extremity. You fell many times- even injuring you shoulder at one given time when losing your balance. Despite all of the bleakness, and your sadness at not being able to speak properly (your mind and your spoken words were not in accord), nothing held you back. Your fierce desire to get back a semblance of your former self, regardless of memory loss, and hesitant speech you forged on . There was no room in your life for deterrents. You continued to strive to attain what seemed the impossible. You worked tirelessly. to get your life back- as much as humanly possible- and as much as God and hard persevering work would allow...God has been so good....along with your tenacious dedication to move on. It all paid off! You are a living example of moving forward, inspire of numerous obstacles, and in the face of overwhelming odds to fight the limitations imposed upon you as a stroke victim, who is now in charge of his body and is able to function more than his Doctor and other people in the medical field anticipated. As your mother, I have seen the before and after...You have made your stroke recovery possible........

Love , mom