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Mr Caudle had his first stroke on February 27,1999. When I (daughter) went to his house on Sunday afternoon, I noticed that all was not well. His speech was extremely slurred and he could not complete a sentence. He was having difficulty walking and moving about. When I questioned him he denied being sick. Just a bit under the weather. My husband and I both agreed he needed to see a doctor. After 2 hours of begging and pleading, we finally conviced him to go to the emergency room. My mother had not been able to convince him of this. If I had not visited that day, I shudder to thing how much worse his condition would have become.


Once at the hospital, it wasonly a matter of minutes until he was diagnosed with a stroke. The CAT scan showed that damage had been done to his brain. Only time would tell how well he would recover. He was in the hospital for approximately a week. His blood pressure, which was extremely elevated, was lowered with medication. Of course he was placed on numerous medications for his condition.


Once home Jim was very disoriented and needed someone with him at all times. Family members took turns with this task. Stokes County sent out a Speech Therapist who worked with him. She came approximately five times and said there was nothing more that she could do. The family had to stay with him for about one month before we felt comfortable leaving him alone for short periods of time.


Over the past few years, we have seen gradual ups and downs. Some weeks it seems that he's improving drastically. Then just a few weeks later he seems to have regressed considerably. Also, Last fall the doctor beleives that he suffered another stroke, although not as severe as his first one.


Jim still has good and bad days. however since he has begun his exercise regime with Dan. I've noticed sound improvement in his mental health. He has suffered greatly with depression and I truly believe this program has helped him in this area. It has given him hope to see others thriving where he thought was no hope.


Thanks for all you do in helping those who do not know how to help themselves.!


Vickie Beauchamp