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Frances started her day as normal as any other June 9th of 1998. She planned to spend the day with a sick friend. Things went well all morning and afternoon until Frances had started to fall asleep around four o’clock and was unable to be awakened. Paramedics were called and they suspected drugs but there was no way that was possible, they took her to the hospital were she spend eight days in ICU in this sleeping state. She woke and stayed in the hospital for another three weeks. Then four weeks of inpatient stoke rehab and then went home and had four weeks of in home therapy. She was home and walking around. Her sleepiness was treated with a prescription for Riddilin for a short period frances and dan walking


December 16, 2000 woke up and she was cold and she took her back to the hospital and found a pool of blood on the left side of the brain. There was so much blood that it had pushed her brain an inch in from the skull. Twenty-eight stitches from her ear to the top of her head to drain after recovery then 25 days at a nursing home then back to inpatient care for three weeks. At this time she was back on Riddilin and anti seizure medicine and three other medications. Four weeks for more PT outpatient therapy and to an other center for eight weeks for outpatient PT care.

She has been was the Millennium Team for about ten weeks now. Working we her Doctors we suggested that she be weaned off most of the medications.  She is much more coherent, her balance has almost completely returned, she is no longer using a walker or brace. Her right foot drags a little when she gets tired but she’s getting better every day.