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Elijah R.
Stroke: February 22,2001
Approx: 2:30 pm

E.R. had been exhibiting normal activity on the morning and early afternoons of February 22 and had taken a nap in his recliner around 2:00PM. When he awoke he noticed a tingling in his right hand, then his right foot. He thought his arm and hand has "gone to sleep". When he tried to stand, he couldn't use his right foot and leg. Then I noticed that his speech had begun to slur. I called his primary care doctor because he is a diabetics and I thought it might be related to the diabetes.

When I talked to the nurse and described his symptoms she thought he might be having a stroke and told me to call 911- which I did immediately. He was taken to Forsyth Hospital emergency room where he was diagnosed as having a stroke, but he did not get to the hospital in time for the "clot buster" shot.

He was admitted later in the evening to Forsyth Hospital where over the next five days he went thru extensive tests- CAT Scan 2 MRI's 1 MRA "swallowing test" etc. By the third day his speech had improved to normal as well as his swallowing ability. He had paralysis on his right side and was unable to use his right arm or leg.

On February 28th, he was moved to Whitaker Care Rehab Center. There he received physical and occupational and speech therapy for approximately four weeks. He was able to transfer from bed to wheelchair. He learned to shave and feed himself with his left hand. On March 28th. he was mostly confined to the use of a wheelchair- with very limited use of a cane.

He continued physical and occupational therapy at the Northern Surry Rehab Center in Mnt. Airy fo six weeks twice a week. At the end of his allotted twelve visits, the insurance would no longer pay for therapy and we began looking for other options.

We heard about Dan Nowak working with stroke patients at the King YMCA thru an employee at the Y. Donna contacted Dan and we went for an interview with him, and ER started therapy there on May7th. At that time he was still confined to a wheelchair most of the time. Dan later sent ER to John O'Conner, CPO to have a brace made for his right leg. He received the brace on May 30th and after was able to walk with a cane.

He is in the fitness program with Dan four days a week and has made significant improvements in his abilities to walk and use his arm and the use in his hand and foot is stedily improving. He has not used a wheelchair since the end of June.