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The morning of February 8 2002 Bob Lynch woke up and started another normal day. He had a doctors appointment that morning for a routine physical. He made the appointment and received a clean bill of health from his doctor. At around two that afternoon, Bob's life would change drastically. Bob had always been a very active man. He was always working on something around the farm and stayed busy. In his fifties Bob suffered a series of heart attacks. He recovered well and life went on much as usual. But today Bob would have a major stroke. He was rushed to the hospital at Mount Airy where he was given the "clot buster" injection. He was transferred to NC Baptist Hospital and the family was asked to decide whether or not they wanted him placed on life support. There outlook was grim. Bob was stronger than they thought. He stayed alive. Though the stroke had basically paralyzed his entire left side, Bob still cracked jokes and made those around him laugh. He was in intensive care for about two weeks and then transferred to the Sticht Center where he stayed until April 5th. He was forced to eat through a tube until May. He then continued to receive comp therapy for several weeks and finally told that nothing more could be done and that the would pretty much be the way he would have to live. Then Bob made a visit to Dr. Barbee, a chiropractor in Pilot Mountain. He agreed that Bob will to get well again should not end with being told that "this is all we can do for you". He referred Bob to Dan Nowak. Dan immediately began working with Bob and within no time there was a noticeable improvement. Bob continues to improve. Though the road gets rough from time to time Bob is determined and will not quit. Soon Bob hopes to rid himself of canes and wheelchairs. This program does more than rehabilitate, it also shows you that hope and desire have no boundaries.